About Me

Edgar Herrera loves and is capable of driving and managing innovation through developing strategies to launch or implementProducts, Services and Solutions, leading and collaborating in cross-functional teams. From small (and big) business process improvements, to new business models, development and strategy implementation, and product design - all in corporations and startups - throughout Edgar’s career, he has had successful (and failed) experiences in different business units as Product Designer, Program Manager and Product Manager but always, as a lead agent of change driving innovation.Red Dot Award 2016 winner, for all of the above, although currently his job title is different, he is considered as, and considershimself an Innovation Manager with the ability to tie the knots between business, technology and user-centered design to developand execute an appropriate (sustaining or disruptive) strategy to launch products, services and solutions in either B2B or B2Cmarkets.



H B X , H a r v a r d B u s i n e s s S c h o o l | J a n 1 7 - F e b 1 7
HBX Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen is a 6-week, 30 hour certificate program from Harvard Business School. Became fluent in disruption theory and gain confidence in articulating complex viewpoints, learned apply strategic frameworks to assess new opportunities and potential threats, and acquired techniques for executive-level strategy formulation and team management. The program was developed by leading Harvard Business School faculty and is delivered in an active learning environment based on the HBS signature case-based learning model.

U n i v e r s i d a d P a n a m e r i c a n a | F e b 1 6 - D e c 1 6
Unique program in the market, of high academic level and practical sense in the business field, which objective is to form a global and innovative vision of the business in today's executives and entrepreneurs to face the changes of this globalized world. Educated in:
Innovation Skills Development - Innovative Marketing - Technological Innovation - Value Engineering - Design Thinking - Exponential Organization and Scalability - Corporate Finance - Technological Entrepreneurship - Negotiation and Decision Making - Strategic Marketing

U n i v e r s i d a d P a n a m e r i c a n a | A u g 1 1 - J u n 1 2
Educated as specialist in the development of products with added value, creating a synergy between the different areas that comprise it, through proactive analysis that allows to anticipate to the opportunities of the product before they occur. Obtained a global vision of the productive needs of any organization to design, develop and manage new products, as well as the ability to successfully launch them into the market.

U n i v e r s i d a d P a n a m e r i c a n a | J u l 0 7 - J u n 1 1
Educated to generate innovative design and engineering solutions to problems that exist in an ever-changing market. Responding to a globalized world where strategies for success are based on innovation, price, service, and quality. Acquired knowledge in the fields of design, marketing, materials resistance, consumer psychology, quality, and production.



H P I n c . | N o v 1 4 - P r e s e n t
Driving Innovation inside the Print Business Operations department: defined, co-led and implemented a new business model which produced the launch of the first two configurable LaserJet Enterprise Solutions (LES) Printers. Led the replacement, migration, and implementation of an internal platform to manage and share product documentation - collected requirements, created backlog and wrote product specs the product.
Collaborated in the launch of two ScanJet Products during Fiscal Year 15. Managed the lifecycle of over ten current LaserJet products. Designed and implemented two business process improvements to improve product lifecycle management.

N a p k i n D e v e l o p m e n t | M a r 1 3 - M a y 1 4
Co-founder. Developed the GTM strategy as R&D and Transfer of Technology and led projects which produced one patent and four products launched into the market: a touch light-switch, a surveillance drone, a 40 feet trailer and a mall kiosk.

H e w l e t t - P a c k a r d | J u l 1 1 - F e b 1 3
Drove benchmarks and marketing researches to launch and sustain seven competitive Business PC products. Worked with Sales, Product Data Management and Supply Chain to sustain Product Lifecycle. Developed and executed a project which improved the quality of the product component’s lifecycle management by reducing component duplicates and obsoletes to cero. Co-developed and led the implementation a product strategy to increase its market share in Latin-American by 5%

R O K I R o b o t i c s | A u g 1 0 - D e c 1 1
Worked in Guadalajara’s first exoskeleton startup to begin the development of a exoskeleton for people with paraplegia. Led the Mechanical Design team over the course the first two product versions. Implemented product management practices in the company such as user-centered design, product backlog and user stories.