Innovation does not happen as many think. Do you want to disrupt your business? Let's work together to understand your market better, define how could you organize for innovation and determine your strategy to keep a disruptive scope!

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Customers do not really buy products nor services. Using an innovative approach can help you understand them in order to validate and turn those ideas into first class products and services!

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Now that we understand your customers and market, and know which products or services use to fulfill their needs, let's execute and track your strategy to foster your business growth and success!

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Innovation Management

Often seen as a visionary, I've been able to predict things happen that happen in the market. One example is my Red Dot Award. The most decorated innovation and design award in the world.

However, with years of experience in design engineering, operations, business development and marketing, I've learned that ideas are just as valuable as the paper they are commonly written on.

My process and work is focused in problem resolution and execution built around fast fail innovation. With a Harvard Business School Certificate in Disruptive Strategy and most of my education founded in Innovation, I will be able to determine your customer needs, how to fulfill those needs, and define and provide an execution plan of the strategy to deploy that solution into the market.



BD Half

How do I work?

Learn about my approach and how could help foster your business success and growth!